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What is the difference between polished concrete and stained concrete?

Polished concrete is a mechanical process whereby a diamond grinder grinds the surface of the concrete multiple times and with various grits of blades to achieve the desired level of shine. In addition to shine, the level of exposed aggregate also dictates the process and price. Aggregate is the small rocks and pebbles that sit beneath the surface of all concrete slabs. Grinding the surface of a slab reveals this aggregate in varying degrees. Polished concrete is most popular in commercial settings but has gained popularity residentially over the years. Polished concrete floors are more expensive than traditional stained concrete floors, they require the same ongoing maintenance as stained concrete, and they have a more consistent appearance as far as variations in color compared to stained concrete.

Stained/Sealed concrete may or may not utilize a diamond grinder to prepare the slab (i.e., there was tile previously and the remaining thinset mortar needs to be removed with the grinder). Once the concrete has been prepped, the stain is applied, usually with a sprayer, and allowed to dry. The final step is to seal with a high-performance sealer – usually solvent-based or clear epoxy. Stained concrete is less expensive than polished concrete, requires the same ongoing maintenance as polished concrete, and typically has more inherent variations than polished concrete.

I’ve heard that acid stain can yield unpredictable results, do you offer anything that is more predictable but still has that stained look?

Acid stains react with the characteristics of each slab and therefore can be unpredictable. We have applied a specific ratio of Black acid stain to a slab and it turned a chocolate brown color and then applied that same ratio to a different slab and got a light gray floor. For this reason, we also utilize water-based stains. Water-based stain is extremely predictable, custom colors can be created, and it is very easy to manipulate how light or dark you want the floors to be. Water-based stain is not penetrating like acid stain is, so we always recommend sealing it in with our clear epoxy system to be sure that the color cannot be scratched.

What’s the difference between stamped concrete and scored concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has had color, pattern, and/or texture added to it to make it resemble another material, such as brick, stone, or tile. The stamping process uses rubber stamps or texturizing mats to imprint a pattern into wet cement. Stamped concrete can be done right when the concrete is poured and is malleable OR it can be applied over an existing slab. Stamped concrete does crack over time and does not stand up well to extreme temperature swings like we are prone to in Louisiana (the concrete will expand and contract, leading to cracking and in most cases, chipping). Recommended maintenance is a new coat of seal every 2-3 years.

Stained concrete is simply concrete – interior or exterior, smooth or broom-finished – that has been stained to accentuate the intrinsic variations of the slab and then sealed with a high-performance sealer. Recommended maintenance is a new coat of seal every 2-3 years.

Can the color of my stained concrete be easily changed in the future?

It is not possible to change the color of a stained concrete floor without doing one of two things:

(1) diamond grinding the slab to remove the existing stain and seal or
(2) coating over the stained concrete with a colored epoxy system.

Do you offer an environmentally friendly sealer?

We use Elite Crete Clear Coat Epoxy as a 3-4 coat system, which has 0% VOC (volatile organic compounds). It is an almost odor-free sealer that is considered much safer than solvent-based sealers. Clear epoxy cannot be used in exterior situations as it is not UV stable.

How many days does the process take?

Most of our processes take between 3-5 days.

Can you do a sample area for me?

If you have an area on your slab that will not be seen after your stained concrete floors are installed, we can do a sample for a small fee.

What is the pricing?

Our pricing is dependent on a few different factors:

  • Style of decorative concrete flooring
  • Current condition of your slab
  • Total square footage of your slab
  • Customizations

New construction floors range from $2.25 per ft2 to $8.75 per ft2 and remodeled floors (a slab that has had any type of flooring or paint on it previously) range from $4.75 per ft2 to $10.50 per ft2. We are happy to speak with you over the phone and provide more specific pricing. Call or text (985) 231-8796 to get a quick response from Jackie.

How durable are concrete floors?

Interior, solvent-sealed floors should be refinished with a protective floor finish or wax once every 3 years or so.

Exterior solvent-sealed floors may need a new coat of solvent sealer every year if not under a covered area.

Interior epoxy floors in a residential setting should be refinished once every 10-15 years.

How do I maintain my floors?

Interior Concrete Floor Care Guide

Exterior Concrete Floor Care Guide

What’s the best product to clean my floors?

We recommend a neutral pH floor cleaner like Zep Neutral pH Floor Cleaner.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We warranty that our products are installed properly and according to industry standards. We assert that if a floor has been exposed to water for any reason – weather or during the cleaning process – that no type of seal will be applied for at least 12 hours. Fully dried/cured sealers are the best evidence of a properly installed decorative concrete floor.

We cannot warranty the slab upon which we install our products, therefore we cannot guarantee that a floor will not crack, chip, or experience moisture issues.

Is there anything I can do to save money on the per square foot cost?

In many cases, the answer is yes! If you are building a new home, make sure to protect the floors as much as possible from other subcontractors. We recommend Ram Board®, but there are other options such as brown contractor’s paper and corrugated. Advise your painters that you are using your concrete floors and they should employ drop cloths and spray any doors, molding, or trim outside or over concrete that is thoroughly protected.

If you are having decorative concrete floors installed on a slab that has any other type of flooring on it, removing that flooring will save you money.

I have tile floors and want stained concrete, is this possible?

If there is a concrete slab underneath your floors, we can treat it and turn into a work of art!

Can you install over a wood sub-floor in the upstairs of a home?

Technically this can be done but is not recommended.

Are concrete floors bad or good for resale value of a home?

Concrete floors are not a trend, and they are not going away anytime soon. The many advantages of concrete floors make them an attractive option to many, but like many other decorative aspects in a home, it is a matter of personal preference. At a minimum, decorative concrete floors do not devalue a home.

Is the process of diamond grinding dusty?

Though our grinding equipment is hooked to vacuum systems, some dust will escape during the process. Hanging plastic sheeting and removing personal items are some steps to mitigate the cleanup afterwards.

What steps do I need to take to prepare for the work to start for my new construction floor?

Please make sure that there is running water and that we can access electricity (temporary pole is adequate). The slab should be completely free and clear of other subcontractors’ equipment and trash. All floor coverings need to be removed prior to our arrival and all other subcontractors should be notified that they cannot walk on the work area until at least 24 hours after the floors are sealed. It is important to have a relatively clean walkway to the work area so that minimal mud/dirt is tracked onto the concrete.

Do you paint concrete?

We do not utilize any sort of concrete paint, epoxy or otherwise.

Are the epoxy/flake kits that are locally available the same product as what you install?

No. Our flake epoxy floors come with a lifetime warranty and the system we install is not sold locally or to individual homeowners.

Can you put epoxy floors or overlays over an existing tile or wood floor?

Yes but it is not recommended for long-term bonding reasons, therefore our company will not install over anything other than a concrete slab. However, we can remove tile and wood and then install our decorative concrete floors.

How slippery is stained concrete? How slippery is epoxy?

Sealed concrete has the same SCOF (Static coefficient of friction) as tile floors. It will be slippery if there is sitting water. In all cases where we install our floors in a garage or any outdoor area, we broadcast a nonskid grit into the wet sealer to protect against slippery floors.

I just had new concrete poured, when is the best time to stain/seal it?

A concrete slab should cure for approximately 60 days before any type of seal is applied.

I’m building a house and want to do stained concrete floors, when do you come in to do the work and how should I handle the concrete until you come?

Our preference for your sake is for us to come as close to the end of the process as possible. While this creates more work for us in the way of taping up and protecting painted walls and trim, it is better for the homeowner.

However, we can come in any time after the slab has been down for 60 days if using solvent seal.

We MUST have air conditioning for an interior epoxy floor to cure properly.

We recommend waiting to install toilets, clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks, etc. until after the floors are complete.

Do you have a showroom?

We do not have a showroom but are happy to arrange in-person viewings of finished work upon request.


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